claire headshot.jpg

Claire Grady

Communications Account Manager

Claire Grady uses her keen strategic skills and way with words to turn goals into persuasive platforms and ideas into engaging narratives. With a background in journalism, Claire’s gift for storytelling helps her create innovative and unique media pitches, earning her clients a presence in publications, such as The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, The New York Times and Associated Press.

Claire began her career working with clients ranging from food & beverage and lifestyle to Olympic athletes. Today, she quickly immerses herself in a variety of clients’ key messages and tones to build pitch-perfect communication. Her work includes navigating company mergers and acquisitions, often advising and providing support to internal communications teams. She’s also skillfully managed the tricky world of celebrity endorsements, creating environments where both the brand and their ambassador (including extensive media management teams) feel comfortable and confident in their roles.

When she’s not driving home a new strategic position, Claire’s saddling up as a volunteer for an equestrian therapy program for at-risk and disabled children. And, as if killer strategic communication wasn’t enough of a score, working with Claire often includes a great book recommendations and homemade treats from this voracious reader and talented baker.