Megan Heredia

Senior Account Manager

Ever face those moments before a difficult conversation and wish someone else could step in to manage a gracious, positive outcome? You’d want Megan Heredia to make those calls. She is a natural communicator, skilled at finding a win-win for everyone in every situation.

Megan’s infectious enthusiasm energizes everyone in proximity to maximize results. She’s passionate about even the smallest details and never labels anything impossible or insignificant. That’s why her specialty of creating high-touch strategies and thoughtful, personal engagement plans is so needed in today’s plug-and-play, move-to-the-next-item world. She engages clients, sponsors, guests, vendors and staff with equal respect and attention, creating unparalleled, cohesive experiences.

Nothing intimidates Megan. She helped build a private school from the ground up. And if that isn’t enough to amaze you, she’s built a legacy of relationships within the diverse high-tech, corporate marketing and non-profit worlds. She quickly establishes and holds her clients’ trust, allowing her to navigate multiple stakeholder needs and opinions with ease.

Originally from Chicago and a graduate of The University of Notre Dame, Megan has lived in Austin for nearly 18 years. When she’s not cultivating winning relationships, including her time serving on the Dell Children’s Hospital Trust Executive Committee, she enjoys some quieter activities; she appreciates the serenity of long-distance biking, marathons, IRONMAN triathlons (yes, she thinks that’s relaxing!) and spending time with her husband and two daughters.