A seat at the table

It wasn’t that long ago that digital media strategists had to fight to have a seat at the table —to prove that their work wasn’t merely an extension of the communications or marketing department, but a separate and distinct practice.

Today, the savviest corporations realize that digital doesn’t need a seat at the table – it is the table.

Everything your company touches should be viewed through an online lens. Your goal should be to reach, connect, share and engage your target audience in every way that they consume media.

But where to begin? At JHL, we’re redefining communications for our clients. We’re building a digital-first strategy that will turn casual observers into brand evangelists. Here are a few tried-and-true tips for upping your online game:

There’s no such thing as off-the-clock

The internet doesn’t keep office hours, and neither should your social media. Schedule your content to post around the clock, and your audience will never miss an update.

Be brief. Brutally brief.

Can you tell me what your company’s core values are in 11 words or less? Can your employees? Can your customers? Online, you are competing for market share your audience’s most precious resource – time. Customers will value companies who value their time. Communicate what you need to communicate. No more, no less.

Always, always consider your customer’s user experience

Never send a customer on an Easter egg hunt inside your website. If they need to root around to find your contact information, chances are they’ll move on.

Never miss a chance to tell your story

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, says your brand isn’t what you say it is it’s what other people say when you’ve left the room. Make sure that you communicate your corporate ethos in every facet of your online activity. Does your company give generously to local philanthropies, let your customers know! Does your corporate culture give Google a run for its money? Share it! On your social media accounts, you are the master of your domain – tell the story you want told.

We could do this all day — and we do for clients large and small. If you’re ready to take your communications strategy to the next level, give us a call – and let us share our recipe for success with you.