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Communication is Key

In my five years at JHL, I have learned by doing. I have been able to do what I have done through the mentorship of a leader who empowers those around her to work smarter, not harder (and the list of wise ‘Jenniferisms’ goes on).

In these five years I have also learned the importance of communication—communication with your boss, teammates, clients, and significant other. And, how important communication is for our clients to succeed. In public affairs, event planning, and client management, the use of communication tools has become the key to leveraging success and accomplishing goals.

Over the last five years the ways of communicating have evolved and people have become more accessible, and because of this, every client now needs a traditional and digital marketing plan to overlay their advocacy efforts, fundraising efforts, an event, and sometimes an entire industry’s efforts—a plan that has a strategy for every type of audience on every type of channel. As access to affordable mediums continues to increase in a saturated market, our team focuses on positioning our clients to stand out and tell their story to an audience who needs to know, cares, and is paying attention at the right time.

And in my five years, I have learned that you cannot succeed without a team of warriors who can effectively communicate.