Elevate Your Brand–Why and How to Create Thoughtful Events

Events should be done right or not at all. Too many times I hear people jumping in to make decisions on venues, catering, entertainment, etc. before stepping back and approaching the event from a strategic perspective. Before we make any decision with our clients, I ask them what are you trying to achieve and how will you measure success? We want our clients to wake up the day after their event and know we reached success because of the goals we set in place before the planning even began.

It’s important to remember that an event is an extension of your brand. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself. Perception is reality, making each decision you make a direct representation of who you are and how you want your brand to be seen. The little things matter, and they matter a lot. And to do events right, a realistic budget is critical.

In this month’s episode of Make the Connection, we’re covering all your questions on planning and executing events that stay on budget and exceed expectations. What is the best strategy for creating and building an event to reach your nonprofit or corporate goals? How does investing in your event correlate to investing in your brand? How do you create, build and manage a budget for your event?

Each month we’ll be sharing our tips to help you connect and succeed in public affairs, strategic communications, events and beyond. I hope you use it as a resource for either yourself, your organization, or send to a friend or colleague.

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