Hurricane Harvey dumped twice as much rain on my beloved Texas than Hurricane Katrina brought with her. Twice as much. The devastation is beyond words.

My Facebook and Twitter feed are full of friends seeking help for evacuations for themselves or loved ones and other friends seeking where they can offer others help. It's been this way for 8 days straight. There's something else in my feed too - and I've noticed it on web searches - there are brands trying to market like it's business as usual.

Especially tough times don't mean business as usual. Are the 24-hour news cycles making brands immune to what is actually a tragedy versus a news grab for the day? THIS is an actual tragedy. Tone deaf businesses will find themselves disenfranchised from the greatest State in the union.

Texans are not interested in your lawsuit about a trademark related to the double-double cheeseburger; we aren't shopping your fall mattress sale. In fact, right now we think you should be donating your cheeseburgers and mattresses, like Texas business leader and hero Mattress Mack.

Texans appreciate a celebrity posting #HoustonStrong on their social media but we appreciate the $1 million that could easily be donated a hell of a lot more. You see, in Texas, we are doers not talkers. If you hashtag you better donate. If you "my heart aches" you better donate. Show us the money and use your megaphone to encourage others to step up too.

Yet life can't stand still so what do you do. I say WWHEBD (what would H-E-B do). H-E-B is a brand getting it right. Their traditional advertisements continue but they have ramped up their social media to focus 100% on hurricane response and have focused on highlighting their employees and the communities they are serving.

Team JHL/Rocca has responded with donations to various supply drives individually. As a business we will be donating our time to creating a benefit event (to be announced!) to raise funds for Hurricane Relief. As a family, this picture is our crew loading up supplies (purchased at H-E-B) and donating to our church effort. Everybody can do something- donate time, talent, or treasure today.

Texans are as independent as they come but we need everyone now. God Bless Texas.