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New Year’s Resolution: Why You Should Be on Social Media in 2017

Many people still think of social media as a juvenile avenue to chat with friends or share feckless details about your day. But the 24/7 news cycle and the rise of conversations taking place on social media have greatly influenced the way thought leaders, influencers, and decision makers consume news and information.

As traditional news models continue to diminish, it becomes increasingly important for organizations involved with policy and the Texas Legislative session to have a voice on social media – and the numbers are even more convincing.

A recent study recorded astounding statistics on the Texas policy voice on social media during the 83rd Legislative Session. Not only are Texas representatives increasingly involved in legislative discussions on social media, but outside entities looking to advocate on their issues are gaining traction and increasing visibility by joining in online conversations.

Good old fashioned phone calls to Legislative Members and walking the halls of the Capitol is ever-important but it’s not the only outreach needed.

Associations have the most challenging task when considering social media. Internal audiences such as member and prospect organizations likely need different information than the positions being advocated to policy makers and their staff.

When we work with policy organizations, we build a social media presence from the ground up considering each message goal and audience. Don’t be duped by social media and let your competitors control the conversation. It’s 2017, make a New Year’s resolution to effectively reach Texas policymakers and bring light, and advocates, to your issue.