People don't go online

People don’t “go online.” They live online. From buying shoes, to researching a big purchase, from looking up recipes to keeping up with the headlines – life happens online.

Folks want to know, go, try and buy. Are you prepared to capitalize?

Do elected officials (and their staff) know where to find your policy agenda? Are you trusting that, armed with the entirety of the internet, that they’ll somehow make their way to you? If so, you might be in for a rude awakening.

While nothing will replace the need for personal relationships and a deep understanding of the legislative process, it’s just as important to have an intentional online presence that is strategic and focused toward your tactical goals. Layer those steak dinners and face-to-face conversations with a comprehensive Digital engagement strategy that complements your traditional communications efforts.

Whether you want to pass a bill or kill it. The time to affect policy begins right now. Do not wait until your bill has been referred to committee to try and build a grassroots army. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is good online engagement. Engage now. Educate now. Build muscle memory in your supporters. Today’s casual supporters are next session’s seasoned evangelists.

Who’s leading your digital strategy? Are you ready to capitalize on the next big moment? If not – we should talk.

At JHL we’ve expanded our public affairs services to offer digital engagement strategy. We’re redefining what public affairs looks like in Texas. Google it.