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Row the Boat

Austin is a tough market, especially for nonprofits. Our fair town has more 501c3 organizations per capita than any other city in Texas. In our business, we consult with a variety of nonprofits to push them to reach their full potential and make the largest impact.

No matter the nonprofit’s area of focus, they all need strong leadership at the top. I believe things trickle down. If you have a strong and dedicated board that is mission-focused, then the entire organization will win. A successful board holds itself accountable to each other first and then lifts and builds the organization. Everyone must row the boat in the same direction and no one person is ever bigger than the nonprofit itself.

What should the job description of a board member be? How can an organization’s staff empower the board? What do you do if you inherit a stagnant or toxic board? Listen to this month’s Make the Connection episode to hear our do’s and don’ts for building and managing a board. Together, we can make a difference and empower our communities.

Each month we’ll be sharing our tips to help you connect and succeed in public affairs, strategic communications, events and beyond. I hope you use it as a resource for either yourself, your organization, or send to a friend or colleague.

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