The beat goes on

Apple has finally entered the market of music streaming with its Apple Music service. Joining competitors Spotify and Pandora, the service will allow members to access the full iTunes suite of music – for a price. Where Apple Music can differentiate itself from competitors is through the “playlist.” Using your existing iTunes playlist and some basic data points, Apple can queue up music that they’re sure you’ll like and recommend artists you might have never considered. Essentially, they’re thinning out your choices.

Why are you hearing this news from your favorite public affairs/events/communications Company?!

Because we can all learn from Apple. Understanding a client’s needs to create a tailored plan just for them will always work better than one size fits all, or too many options with no leadership and thought behind them. And reaching your target audience is no different – think and present a few, focused messages. Who needs to know you, what do they need to know about you, and how will they know that and keep knowing that?

Streaming services, with their endless song catalogs, have yet to really take off – it’s just too much choice. As consumers, we’re taught to think that having a multitude of choices is the only way to ensure that we’re getting the best deal. In the case of music streaming and communications efforts this is not the case. The best deal is a focused message with focused execution.

JHL prides itself on understanding the who and what that makes a campaign successful. With us you get a playlist you can’t stop listening to.