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Think For-Profit

Austin has the most non-profits per capita in Texas. Most of these are doing great work and providing important services to our community. Most of these are also struggling with fundraising strategies, donor retention and how (if) to incorporate special events into their annual plans. As Austin continues to grow it will become more and more important for non-profits to find new donors and events are a great way to achieve that goal.

Yes, events can be expensive and time consuming to produce. Events are also a great way to simultaneously reach communication and brand awareness goals, raise money and allow an organization to engage its volunteer base. However, they must be planned smart - think like a for-profit. Be goal driven, focused. Leave donors wanting more.

Donors want their chosen charities to be successful. It’s up to the charitable organization to enable that success. Events should be fun. Events should be engaging and tell a story and most important, events should leave donors proud to be a part of the organization and excited to return next time.

JHL has built a brand of producing the best events with impressive results. While we welcome our corporate clients and their projects, our unique experience in fundraising offers something extra to our non-profit clients. Simply put, fundraisers raise money and event planners spend money. We are great event planners who understand fundraising.

An exciting announcement is coming soon and I hope you will join us - if you are a philanthropist, a non-profit board member, a non-profit executive or finance director or a corporate community affairs officer - this is for you. If you care about the success of our non-profit community - this is for you. If you want to learn how to engage donors and attract millennial donors- this is for you. Stay tuned.