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Work-Life Balance

As an employer to mostly millennials, the question I am asked in every interview is about work-life balance. My answer is that there is no such thing; not that any employer can give. Work-life balance is a state of mind that you must give yourself.

Work-life balance is knowing that it's ok to leave the office every now and then to attend a 5:30PM spin class. Just like its also ok to spend a Sunday afternoon catching up on work. It's ok to come in late here and there. It's ok to burn the midnight oil. It all comes out in the wash. That's work-life balance. There is no secret formula; just live. Don't apologize when you are out of the office and don't expect a cookie when you work late.

Last year was exceptionally busy. As a mom, my oldest graduated and started college and my two littles started new schools. At JHL, my team raised over $5M for our non profit clients, expanded our events business, and grew our public affairs work. As a spouse, we purchased and renovated two downtown buildings. All the while, I serve on several boards keeping me busy, but making me happy.

I'm expected, and in fact I expect of myself, to be present for it all. So, I miss a meeting here and there for a baseball game. And I miss games for the big event we are producing. I make time for coffee to mentor young college grads and I work on evenings and weekends. I attend what I can and I don't feel guilty about what I can't.

After the year I had (and luckily another on the horizon), I was ready to reconnect with more family time. So this summer, I'm traveling with my family on several trips, working from home more, and I hope you are enjoying my Facebook pictures. Just know it's all with laptop in tow. Balance.