Meaghan Dowdy

Senior Account Manager

With over 6 years of experience in public policy and strategy, Meaghan is an expert at understanding political and philanthropic landscapes. She uses this understanding to execute her vision in project management, strategic planning, and communications. Meaghan anticipates her client’s needs, expectations, and mission in order to build trust and success.

Meaghan began her career in Washington, D.C. working for a Senior Member of Congress on the House Energy and Commerce Committee. After 3 years, Meaghan left to venture into political campaign fundraising. During those 3 years, she crisscrossed the country to help raise over $15 million for the firm’s clients.

Meaghan was born and raised on the Jersey Shore. After graduating from Northeastern University in 2012, she began moving south to escape the harsh winters. Landing in Austin in October 2018, Meaghan has finally found a place to call home. She enjoys traveling around the world with friends and family, philanthropic causes, live music, and being out on the water.